Are you looking for IP telephony for your school or academy?

emPSN can offer a phone system designed for education to schools and academies in the UK. Based in the cloud, SmartComms is a cost-effective and flexible communications solution.

What is SmartComms for Education?

SmartComms is a flexible and customisable communications system that makes life easier and better for staff, parents and pupils. It’s straightforward, easy to use and meets the needs of your office administrators and mobile workers. And because it’s hosted in the cloud. It’s easy to make changes without the worry of adding or removing physical lines.

A more welcoming experience

If your phone system doesn’t make it easy for you to handle busy periods, it’s frustrating for your administrators, teachers and your pupils’ parents. SmartComms helps you deal with busy lines much more effectively; reroute calls to available phones and allows you to easily create comfort messages to manage expectations. With voicemails delivered to your email inbox means you’ll never miss a message.

Save money where it matters

We understand that budgets have to go a long way, and you need to save money in the right areas so you can deliver more for your pupils. No line rental and cheaper call costs are a great start, with completely free internal calls between all users on the service (no matter where they are); and calls to UK fixed, mobile and international numbers coming in at over 15% less than traditional services. Not only that, by removing the need for on-site hardware and systems, you can do away with expensive maintenance contracts.

Mobile working? No problem

Working across multiple locations or on the move doesn’t have to mean being out of reach. With SmartComms, each user has a single direct dial number that works across multiple devices, so you never have to miss another call. You can connect multiple schools or sites, on-site staff and remote workers under a single system means everyone has access to the same functionality, anytime, anywhere, so business continuity is never a concern.

One phone number, one point of contact, regardless of location, and all for a single monthly per-user licence fee.

Collaboration so you can do more

From working on shared documents, instant messaging, video conferencing and online meetings, SmartComms for Education allows people to work together from different locations across all their devices, helpful for teaching staff who can share resources as easily and efficiently as if they were in the same room.

Easy to manage, no expertise required

Our portal has easy to use features and a self-service experience, allowing you to manage, monitor and make changes to your service at any time, from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Whatever you need to do, you’ll be able to get it done without high levels of in-house technical know-how.

A service that grows with you

As a fully scalable cloud-based service, moving to SmartComms means you’re no longer restricted by the limits of a single school site. You can instantly add extra user licences to your service – no line installations necessary.

Adding a new site? As long as you’ve got the connectivity in place, we can easily extend your service to include it.

Proven service quality

SmartComms can be run over any network and offers built-in quality of service, security and resilience as standard. Our solution has been built using Broadsoft’s market-leading BroadWorks applications platform; used by 18 of the world’s top 25 telecommunications companies. Fully certified to ISO 9001 for overall quality management, ISO 22031 for business continuity and ISO 27001 for data security, our service has the necessary robust and fully-accredited processes in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data at all times.

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