Having been established in the IT sector for more than two decades, we’ve helped a diverse range of schools, MATs, councils, libraries and other public sector organisations upgrade to fast, secure and reliable broadband.

We focus on providing tailored IT solutions built around your needs, whilst providing expert advice and guidance on continually improving infrastructure and nurturing, stimulating, learning and working environments. emPSN can also develop effective strategies for understanding and managing online risks.

tailored IT solutions for education


With a strong understanding on school life and the pressing challenges facing the education sector, we understand just how vital it is for schools to achieve the perfect balance between providing a safe environment for learners, and inspiring practitioners to explore the internet and discover valuable educational resources. As a partner of the Department for Education, emPSN is a not-for-profit with a vested interest in our members’ schools, creating secure connections for the public good.

We’ve helped many rural schools overcome technological challenges to improve infrastructure and create effective learning environments, whilst we offer a huge range of IT and web services, creating managed solutions to ensure your systems and networks are running efficiently, safely, securely and cost-effectively.

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tailored IT solutions for education


We understand that for Multi Academy Trusts, it’s essential you have the flexibility to manage networks, servers and devices across various schools from one central point. It therefore makes perfect sense to share resources and reduce costs, especially with regards to broadband and IT. With a talented team of IT engineers, we can create bespoke solutions for MATs and cluster schools to enable swift and seamless collaboration, whilst minimising downtime and lowering costs with centralised services.

We understand that different schools may have assembled together for a variety of reasons, so it’s very unlikely they will all require the same service when it comes to IT support. We can boost collaboration between schools and deliver solutions that promote greater consistency across schools, whilst ensuring each school receives the level of support needed to create learning environments that are constantly evolving.

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tailored IT solutions for education


We strive to offer each and every organisation a great deal of flexibility and choice through our network, with robust and reliable services. Whether we’re helping local councils modernise infrastructure or enabling fire stations to improve efficiency and reduce costs, we deliver innovative IT and communications solutions to meet our members’ precise needs. emPSN is local to the East Midlands, helping libraries, fire stations, waste management sites, council buildings and day nurseries overcome procurement challenges whilst getting the most from their budget.

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We often get asked similar questions by many of our schools and customers so we have put together some useful FAQ’s as a bit of a myth busting exercise.

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emPSN work alongside leading EdTech organisations, to provide schools with the most up to date guidance on keeping the school secure online.

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