Children learn about the internet at a very young age, but as important as it is for schools to help pupils access valuable education resources, it’s essential to educate students on how to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

At emPSN, we understand just how important e-safety is for schools planning out their IT systems and security measures, and our services can help you create a safe school environment.


Unlock your full potential with IT services that are safe and secure

By taking the time to learn more about your school and the challenges you face, we can create a bespoke-safety solution to ensure your school remains up to date with e-safety legislation and Ofsted requirements. As the internet and mobile technology evolve, it’s important schools take a proactive approach to new challenges and our team can help you get the very best from these valuable tools whilst guaranteeing appropriate, effective and safe use, at all times.


Understanding the rewards and risks of using new technology

Having developed longstanding relationships with many schools in the East Midlands as well as many other areas in the UK, we help schools safeguard their pupils from a range of issues, such as bullying/cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, violence, grooming and emotional abuse.

To help schools better understand emerging threats and the technology required to minimise risks, we run safe online workshops with guest speakers from many trusted partners, such as Leicestershire police, ARK ICT and Netsweeper. We also regularly work with external agencies such as the National Cybersecurity Centre, UK Safer Internet Center and National Education Network to formulate best practices aligned with industry leaders on safety.


E-safety across the entire school community

Whilst restrictions are essential in terms of maximising safety, it’s important to understand that the solutions we provide also help schools understand and use new technologies in positive ways, enhancing the overall learning experience. We also strive to help our members play an important role in their local communities, ensuring children and young people develop safer online behaviours both in and out of school.

It’s therefore not just a case of incorporating antiviruses, spyware, content filtering, firewalls, backups and strong passwords. E-safety is about teaching students of all ages appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills to remain safe, secure and legal when using the internet and related technologies.

If you’re looking to implement or update your e-safety policy or need a series of It services to boost protection in the classroom and online, please speak with us today. We can also help you develop robust e-safety procedures, IT infrastructure and support, whilst regularly reviewing and advancing your e-safety provision.

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