emPSN connects schools with a safe, secure and reliable network that helps students to learn and grow in a controlled environment. The internet is a fantastic place to seek inspiration and find new ideas, and with our catalogue of services, we’re dedicated to providing complete support as well as a number of customer benefits.

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Speed, performance and superb support

emPSN takes pride in the 20 years of experience connecting schools and other organisations to secure networks. When we connect your school, you’re linked up to the MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network with Data Centres in Derby and Nottingham. The MPLS system allows us to provide shorter network connections, boosting speed and reliability. It’s a 10Gb connection and links providers such as BT, TalkTalk and Virgin. As well as speed, we also focus on security, with two firewalls installed before connecting to the Janet Network.

How does our network work?

The Janet Network serves over 18 million users and provides educational facilities and research organisations with world-class internet connectivity. With high-bandwidth, great reliability and access to many additional rewards, the Janet connection can create new opportunities for your school. This safe, secure and reliable internet network is specifically designed for use in education.

How does the Janet
Network operate?

Janet connects critical UK infrastructure, covering many different schools, colleges, research institutes and more. It links these institutions with leading service providers such as Google and Microsoft, and allows access to popular mainstream websites such as the BBC through a resilient internet firewall. This means that any student traffic is redirected through the internal Janet network, providing heightened security whilst enhancing communication through software like Microsoft Office.

Benefits of the Janet Network and choosing emPSN

When you connect to the Janet Network you gain access to a range of benefits, including Listening Books and a range of teaching materials sourced directly from the internal network. As well as these extra benefits, emPSN can offer SSL Certificates, allowing you to create original and secure domains for your school.

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