Alongside leading broadband connectivity and security, signing up with emPSN brings a wealth of extra benefits.

Thanks to our great relationship with UK institutions and educational household names, we’ve been able to build a comprehensive catalogue of free subscription services, saving you time, hassle and money.

Key membership benefits at a glance

  • Listening Books
  • National Education  Network

8 rewards you will reap when you join the emPSN Network:

  • Access to our community bulletin, which shares the latest advice on e-safety as well as news, articles and updates from the emPSN network and NEN
  • Connection to the emPSN framework as well as brokerage agreements with suppliers to achieve preferential rates
  • Unrivalled protection by the emPSN firewall and firewall services
  • Directly connect to other emPSN sites whilst remaining within the safety of the network
  • Select from publications available through Listening Books specifically for emPSN schools
  • Connect to other sites on the Janet Network directly ie. Google, BBC, Microsoft (Jisc peering)
  • Invited to our events and you’ll also receive our customer bulletin
  • Ability to attend and vote at the AGM if you wish to do so
empsn membership rewards

Listening Books

Providing easy access to audiobooks for your SEND Students.

Listening Books is a charity that provides an audiobook lending service to children and adults who cannot read or hold a book due to illness, disability, learning or mental health conditions.  Whether your students have dyslexia, struggle with anxiety or have a visual impairment, access to the audiobook collection will help them to keep up with their schoolwork, or simply relax with a good book.

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Listening Books Access

As part of the emPSN network, your school has access to a taster catalogue on the Listening Books database. It’s a valuable resource that will go a long way in any educational setting. Since 2017 Listening Books has offered a streaming service, making it even easier to share books with children at school. All the pupil needs to do is click a single button, whilst no plug-ins required, and no downloads are needed either. It’s that simple. For further information about how to access Listening Books, please contact emPSN at or call 01604 879869 and we can supply your school with login details.

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empsn membership rewards

National Education Network

The NEN is designed as a learning and teaching resource to provide schools with a secure network maintained by experts from the educational and technology community. This dedicated education network enables access to unique services and content by harnessing the power of modern broadband technology.

Connecting 15,000 schools in England, the National Education Network is a crucial part of the emPSN network. The service has been operating alongside JISC (The Janet Network), part-funded by the DfE, and it has been in operation since 2001 as part of the UK’s national critical infrastructure. All the schools in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also connected to the NEN.

Here in the East Midlands, the emPSN connects schools in the local area to the greater NEN network. A wealth of resources, data and teaching support material is available through the network, and it operates within the defined technical and operational standards as set out by the government. The NEN is about working together for education in the UK, owned by the public sector, and connecting institutions and schools across the country.

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We often get asked similar questions by many of our schools and customers so we have put together some useful FAQ’s as a bit of a myth busting exercise.

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Benefits of NEN Membership:

  • Access to the NEN resources as provided by other NEN members
  • Access for your school to the bulk national licence for Audio
  • Network (around 60,000 music tracks and growing)
  • The ability to contribute to, and benefit from, the growing range of NEN Guidance Notes
  • Membership of, and access to, the three nationally-recognised standing groups: Technology Strategy, Safeguarding, and
  • Teaching & Learning
  • The ability to contribute to, and be a part of, an authoritative national voice which is greater than that achievable regionally (e.g. negotiations with DfE over Janet transit)
  • Access to the expertise, knowledge and skills of all the other NEN members
  • Invitations to the annual NEN conference which is a highly-rated CPD event
  • The NEN website has advice and guidance on online safety and technical topics

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