Web filtering allows for school-specific filters to be set up for web traffic to safeguard against unwanted content

This is done to deliver a high level of protection against malware and viruses.

emPSN offers a wide range of options for cloud-based Web Filtering services from several suppliers  to suit your school needs.  Our suppliers specialise in the customisation of NetSweeper powered products which have been built to serve the differing needs of schools. 

Netsweeper is the world leading filtering engine serving over a billion users worldwide and have specialised in schools specific filtering for over 20 years. 

For over 20 years the NetSweeper solution has been proxy based.  This has enabled schools to setup filtering profiles for groups of users based on 89 filtering categories, and 47 languages.  Typically, this can be from an individual user through to groups such as primary, secondary pupils, teacher, and administrators. 

With the increasingly wide variety of network connected devices (the Internet of Things IoT) and the demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) there is an increasing need for flexibility within school’s web filtering. Over the last few years this has driven the substantial development of Transparent Filtering allowing any device to be securely connected to the Internet, without the need for local proxy configuration. 

emPSN continues to offer explicit proxy-based filtering but two new Transparent Filtering options are now available for Enhanced and Premium features.  All on network and hosted within the emPSN Data Centres.  Both new filtering options provide all the current features of the proxy-based service.  The Enhanced option enabled Transparent Filtering with Simple Group Management, WebAdmin Change audit logging and an increased number of policy options including Zero Touch BYOD. The Premium option also offers Delegated Administration and Per User filtering and reporting. 

For full details of these new services please contact us at  sales@empsn.org.uk  

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