Having developed productive partnerships with many schools and organisations across the UK, we know that no two settings will ever be the same. Every school has a different approach to the curriculum with a unique set of goals, challenges and needs. This is certainly true in terms of IT support and services too.

We’ve developed relationships with large schools and multi-academy trusts that have in-house IT departments, yet there are just as many schools and educational institutions that depend on fully managed IT services – and that’s where we can help! We can also offer you service improvement recommendations and suggestions for developing your infrastructure so you continue to grow whilst ensuring your data and systems are safe and secure.

it services for schools

IT Support

We always take the time to get to know our members, allowing us to focus on their needs, working together to develop IT support services that help their teams create the best learning environments possible. Whether you need help updating and maintaining your websites, require a disaster recovery strategy or need a team of IT engineers to carry out remote bug fixes and onsite repairs, we can provide a completely bespoke solution.

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it services for schools


We aim to help schools thrive online with exceptional connectivity and security, helping our members build schools where every pupil has the foundation to thrive. At emPSN we create secure connections for the public good and we’re recognised as a partner for the Department for Education. Our team cares deeply about delivering the right solution, which is why we have a catalogue of trusted providers, ensuring you continue to develop the next generations without having to worry about the many cyber threats that exist online.

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it services for schools

Web Services

Whether your top priority is increasing productivity and maximising potential throughout your school, we can deliver a medley of web services that make a meaningful difference to your school or organisation, such as:

  • DNS Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
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it services for schools

Telephony (VOIP)

emPSN has a wealth of experience delivering flexible, dependable and customisable VOIP phone systems to our members, making life easier and better for staff, parents and pupils. Telephony (VOIP) offers a great deal of agility, especially when compared to traditional phone lines, whilst guaranteeing improved reliability and performance. Designed with scalability in mind, there’s absolutely no need for costly hardware of extra phone lines when new workspaces and phones are required.

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Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions!

We often get asked similar questions by many of our schools and customers so we have put together some useful FAQ’s as a bit of a myth busting exercise.

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IT Services for Schools

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emPSN work alongside leading EdTech organisations, to provide schools with the most up to date guidance on keeping the school secure online.

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