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emPSN connects schools
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emPSN was established in 2001 with a clear goal; to provide broadband connectivity and online IT safety services for schools and local authorities in the East Midlands.

Operating from our offices in Northamptonshire, we’ve worked closely with a range of service providers over the last 20 years, bringing quality internet services and network connectivity to schools and organisations.

As a not-for-profit, our main aim is to build safe and secure online spaces for schools and organisations to create, manage and learn. We strongly believe in reinvesting into our members to continuously improve our services.

About emPSN
it services for schools

Secure connections for the public good.

Our broadband connectivity is of the highest quality, offering exceptional speed, stability and security – thanks to a number of trusted network suppliers. Handpicked by our team, these suppliers have all undergone a strict procurement process. If you are interested in becoming a service provider, please read about our procurement process.

Our Services
it services for schools

Education services.

We understand that installing school-wide network services can be incredibly daunting, especially for smaller or independent primary schools that don’t have on-site IT and technical support.

Here at emPSN, we offer reliable, robust and cost-effective solutions that bring high-quality broadband connectivity, security and application services to your school. We work closely with you and your team to identify the type of network connectivity you need, advise on the ideal solution and provide broadband connectivity that benefits every teacher and student at your school.

When you choose emPSN you are joining a network of members, connection to the National Education Network (NEN) with access to a variety of teaching resources and customer benefits, as well as a 24/7 UK-based helpdesk for around-the-clock coverage and support.

Our Services
it services for schools

Public sector.

emPSN works closely with a number of public sector organisations in the East Midlands, including local authorities, libraries and others. We focus on cutting costs and improving broadband connectivity and security, making it simpler to share data and integrate office-wide network services. The emPSN network is therefore tried, tested and compliant.

Our Services

Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions!

We often get asked similar questions by many of our schools and customers so we have put together some useful FAQ’s as a bit of a myth busting exercise.

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IT Services for Schools

Making IT simpler.

Thanks to our dedicated team and trusted service providers, it’s never been easier to integrate a network into your school or local organisation. Whether you’re a small nonpartisan primary, a growing academy or a local library, emPSN is a not-for-profit that puts the reliability of your connection first. We offer around-the-clock support and bespoke services to suit your needs. Find out more by contacting our team today.

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Latest Updates

We regularly update schools and organisations on best practices within EdTech and keeping safe online. Find out how we can help you stay safe and secure with our latest updates.

Windows Installer Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability (CVE-2021-41379) 

Summary  On 22/11, security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri publicly disclosed a new zero-day vulnerability for “Windows Installer Elevation of Privilege”, which Microsoft had attempted to patch in November 2021, under CVE-2021-41379. The patch released by Microsoft… More »

NetSweeper – Managing SSL Decryption

Within the platform we enable SSL Decryption by default on student and staff filtering policies. This feature allows the filtering of website which are accessed via secure means HTTPS. Example here would be filtering the… More »


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