FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) is a new fibre optic network which is in the early stages of being provided nationally. Currently available speeds are 80:20Mbps, 160:30Mbps and 330:50Mbps (download:upload bandwith) this will in the future increase to bandwidths upto 1Gbps downstream.

Currently FTTP has only limited availability but this will become more widely available as the new network is built.  emPSN is working with the DCMS and DfE to enable small rural primary schools to get early FTTP and has so far connected more than 100 sites.  This will enable the local areas around all of those schools to access FTTP from various ISPs.

Please get in touch with the emPSN team if you would like to find out more about availability in your area.

fttp for schools

What is FTTP?

FTTP connects the premises with a direct fibre optic cable connection, meaning there are no concerns with copper wires causing poorer performance. 

FTTP is a future proofed connection which will meet a schools demand for broadband as these increase. 

fttp for schools

What are the best uses for FTTP?

FTTP is ideal for supporting both cloud based and multimedia Internet services as well as enabling faster access to support school administration and operational services such as telephony and CCTV.

Schools will also be able to take advantage of cloud collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Google Classroom and remote back up service when using a fibre connection. Additionally, school clusters or MATs will be able to operate collaborative and other services across multiple schools. A fibre connection also enables a faster, better, more reliable service to support school administration and remote working.

Is there any hardware required?

As part of the fully managed service we will provide you with an industry standard Cisco router, which enables an optimum FTTP connection, which our suppliers can monitor and manage remotely. This is sent directly to your school and fully installed by one of our engineers.  The router provided will support upto 1Gbps meaning that future upgrades will be straight forward, as higher bandwidth services become available. 

fttp for schools

Main Advantages of FTTP

All emPSN provided FTTP services are connected directly to the emPSN network and data centres, behind our carrier grade managed firewalls and onward to the JISC provided National Education Network.  This enables us to provide you with the safe and secure environment needed for schools’ modern online services to support teaching and learning.  This enables you to take the savings from not having to invest in, or manage, local equipment for web filtering or firewall.

Where FTTP is available it offers the most cost effective service meeting the needs of smaller and medium sized schools and organisations.  The service is fully monitored and managed 24hours a day, enabling us to meet the high availability demands of education.

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