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emPSN offers a DNS hosting service, allowing your school to publish and manage DNS records on a central nameserver, supported by secondary nameservers to ensure high availability. The nameservers are all situated on the JISC / Janet Network, whilst they are geographically separated to minimise fire risks or network connection failures.

school Web Services

School Web Services

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are incredibly important for schools, especially in terms of protecting their websites from intruders. On installing SSL, every fragment of information is encrypted, meaning the data is well protected and can only be ‘unlocked’ by the intended recipient (browser or server). Not only does it help to boost defence against hackers and attackers, it improves trust among your website visitors, whilst helping to boost search engine rankings – with Google rewarding websites that have HTTPS-enabled.

In partnership with Janet, emPSN provide SSL certificates that are Organisation Validated (OV). OV certificates are typically used for standard HTTPS/SSL type services supplied with a Common Name (CN) and the main advantage is that it’s an important step above domain validation in terms of the trust it creates. OV certificates can also have multiple Subject Alternative Names SANs, permitting use of multiple named systems. We can obtain OV certificates from Janet on your behalf on the basis that the domains being used are registered in the schools name, or the schools organisational name.

Extended Validation (EV) certificates and Unified Communications (UC) are available from the Janet service also, but at present these are not available to schools. 

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