At emPSN, we strive to be completely flexible in our approach to IT support. Our services vary greatly depending on the individual needs of our members, which includes schools and local authorities, whilst many of the organisations we support must adhere to strict policies.

We understand just how crucial technology can be in schools, not just in terms of daily management, but also as a catalyst for transformation in the classroom, leading to improved learning environments. That said, if infrastructure and networks are not well maintained, it’s very difficult for schools to manage their own IT requirements, especially those that do not have the budget or a dedicated member of staff for IT, such as a Network Manager or an ICT co-ordinator, but that’s where we can help.

school IT Support

IT support across your entire infrastructure environment

Through our trusted IT support providers, we can ensure your school or organisation has the most complete IT infrastructure and protection in place, with a tailored support package that’s designed to minimise disruptions and downtime, allowing your staff to work to the very best of their ability. For many larger secondary schools in the UK, IT requirements are different once more, and whilst budgets may allow for a Network Manager, due to the size of these schools, external help from a reliable IT support company is a must.

We’re focused on delivering tailored IT solutions and expert support, with all of your needs taken care of. Our catalogue of service providers throughout the UK ensure our members receive a seamless and dependable IT support package, whilst you’ll be kept up to date with the factors that could affect your school or organisation and the improvements that need to be made to maximise safety and security in school and online.

school IT Support

From 24/7 Managed Support to Solid Security Solutions

We know that protecting and developing infrastructure is crucial for many schools, but to do so to a high standard, it’s best to build a bespoke package that covers all your crucial areas, such as:

  • 24/7 managed support
  • Backup solutions
  • Robust data protection
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Rapid connectivity
  • Remote support
  • Secure data storage
Online security for schools

Talk to us about your needs

With IT support, there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution. We always take the time to understand the unique challenges our members face, ensuring we not only deliver the support they need but ensure they have the technology in place to create a fantastic learning or working environment, with smooth, glitch-free infrastructure in place.

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