We work closely with several trusted UK service providers who offer a wide range of technical support services.

From school safety and web filtering to general IT maintenance, for the last 20 years we’ve built up strong, productive and dependable partnerships with some of the best providers in the industry for the East Midlands.

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KCOM is a leading UK communication services provider for the public sector and enterprise organisations across the UK. Some of their main clients include local government institutions, the police force, hospitals and much more. You know are in trusted hands when it comes to KCOM. They offer a range of solutions, including region Public Sector Network connectivity (their main focus when working with emPSN) to contact centre solutions.

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Organising your own ICT support in a smaller primary school or an educational institution where tight budgets are the norm can be rather difficult. Thanks to ARK ICT you no longer need to worry about problems that might arise during school or work hours. The team at ARK has been assisted schools and businesses in the East Midlands area since 2001, forming a close relationship with Lincolnshire schools and other local institutions.

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Capita is one of the largest public sector service providers in the country, running the NHS Administration and collecting the BBC license fee from homes across the UK. emPSN works closely with Capita to provide a suite of “cloud-based” educational and local government applications and services to our members. These services are independently accessible across the internet, making it easier to get a hold of valuable resources and applications. emPSN and Capita also work together on web filtering, linking emPSN with the Capita network as a whole.

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It’s likely you may have come across esafety4Schools before. They’re a leading provider of online safety resources for teachers and students across the UK, as well as experts in web filtering, as a second line of support. Their friendly and well-trained call centre is based in the UK and offers rapid solutions to problems you may encounter while navigating the internet at school. esafety4Schools utilises Netsweeper, which you can read more about below.

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F1 Group is an IT company that provides services to schools and organisations in Lincoln and the surrounding East Midlands area. They offer personalised ICT services for primary schools and secondary schools in Lincolnshire, working closely with head teachers to create tailored ICT plans to accelerate learning. Their main focus is on the technology classrooms need to become a real benefit to students

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LGfL, or London Grid for Learning provides their member schools with a wide range of teaching resources and services. These are provided through the existing emPSN network and are easily accessed through a firewall-protected connection. Some of the resources included are materials for Maths, English and Science, as well as material for SEN learning and data about the national curriculum and national competitions for your students.

empsn service providers


Netsweeper is a leading UK provider of web filtering for education and local authorities across the country. Their web filtering works directly through the emPSN network and is tried and tested when it comes to protecting your students from parts of the internet they shouldn’t be visiting. They’re also present in 63 other countries, across 30 different languages, with over 500 million devices filtered worldwide. You can trust Netsweeper to protect your students online.

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