Fibre is the top choice for quality, speed and reliability. Most emPSN secondary schools have fibre connections, at speeds ranging between 100Mbps and 1Gbps. Here at emPSN we help schools connect to a reliable fibre connection that improves quality, provides high bandwidth and enables a higher standard of teaching and learning.

Fibre lines can offer consistent bandwidth performance of up to and beyond 10 Gbps per second– meaning it carries more information. Ensuring teachers and students collaborate seamlessly and the school’s connectivity meets educational demands, whether they change or increase; Fibre circuits can be easily upgraded to meet these changing demands.

fibre internet for schools

What is Fibre?

A fibre optic leased line, known in short as fibre, is a dedicated line that connects directly to your premises. This is a private connection that won’t share bandwidth with other connections in your area and you’ll benefit from consistent, reliable high speeds. A fibre leased line has symmetrical bandwidth, meaning that is has the same upload and download speeds, which is ideal if your school is using modern cloud based services. This does give you a significantly greater flexibility in the amount of bandwidth that you can use as the technology is currently scalable far beyond FTTC.

fibre internet for schools

What is Fibre Used For?

Fibre optic direct connections provide highly scalable, fast bandwidth connections that allow for all types of internet traffic. From high volume streaming services to multiple users, concurrent internet access, and downloading and uploading multiple large media files; fibre covers everything you’ll need. Fibre connections are also flexible which means more bandwidth can easily be added if desired.

Schools will also be able to take advantage of cloud collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Google Classroom and remote back up service when using a fibre connection. Additionally, school clusters or MATs will be able to operate collaborative and other services across multiple schools. A fibre connection also enables a faster, better, more reliable service to support school administration and remote working.

fibre internet for schools

Main Advantages of a Fibre connection

Fibre is the fastest and most secure internet connection available to schools and organisations in the UK. This connection delivers faster speed with a higher reliability, so it’s a flexible scalable solution to match the growth of internet demands of your school community.

The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for fibre is significantly less than copper circuits. The performance of fibre circuits is not distance dependant, meaning that whether your school is in an urban area or in the peak district; we can guarantee bandwidth performance.

All emPSN provided Fibre services are connected directly to the emPSN network and data centres, behind our carrier grade managed firewalls and onward to the JISC provided National Education Network.  This enables us to provide you with the safe and secure environment needed for schools’ modern online services to support teaching and learning.  This enable you to take the savings from not having to invest in, or manage, local equipment for web filtering or firewall.

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