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All of our schools that are connected to the emPSN network have free access to the Listening Books taster catalogue which is updated on a monthly basis. Below are some new titles for Autumn. All about nature, focussing on the animal kingdom and the natural world.

The Promised One by David Alric

Lucy, a schoolgirl of 11, finds that the animals of the world have been expecting her for more than a million years. She is The Promised One – the only person on earth with her awesome and extraordinary powers of communication with animals – and her destiny is to save the planet. Her adventures take her to the heart of the greatest jungle on earth, where the animals help her to overcome ruthless and deadly foes.

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Bees by Alex Wolf

What would happen if there were no bees in this world? It would be a disaster! Without bees, we would, of course, have no honey. But we’d also lose a lot of other foods and useful products like cotton produced by plants that bees pollinate. Around half the fruit and vegetables in our supermarkets would disappear! Not only that, we would also lose the animals that eat these plants and the animals that eat those animals! Some people are scared of bees, but there’s rarely any need to be. Bees will sting in self-defence, but usually, they don’t disturb humans. Yet we need them. As far as important species are concerned, bees are at the tip of the list you really wouldn’t want to live without them!

Horrible Histories: Violent Volcanoes by Terry Deary

What looks like a nice normal hill – until it explodes in a supercharged spurt of boiling lava? A volcano of course. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and visit some! Plan an explosive holiday with the volcano vacation guide. Get clued up with the spotter’s guide to eruptions. Or read the terrifying diaries of volcano survivors. Warning; abandon hope! But don’t abandon this: your laugh-out-loud guide from Horrible Geography!

For further information about how to access Listening Books, please contact emPSN at support@empsn.org.uk or call 01604 879869 and we can supply your school with login details.

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