Certificate Services – Change of age Limit 2018

This post impacts the Certificate service from emPSN which allows the issue of SSL/TLS certificates for use on customer equipment and services.

We have received an advisory towards a change to industry regulations that reduces the maximum validity period of SSL/TLS certificates.

As of 1 March 2018, all SSL/TLS certificate types will be limited to 2 years (from 3 years currently.) The CA/Browser Forum made the change in a ballet passed here https://cabforum.org/2017/03/17/ballot-193-825-day-certificate-lifetimes/.

The change will affect Organisation Validated (OV) certificates which we issue from the Jisc Certificate Service.

All existing certificates and any issued up until the end of March will be unaffected by this change. End User (S/MIME for digitally signing and optionally encrypting emails, and Code Signing) certificates are not affected by this change either.


For details of how to obtain SSL/TLS certificates from empsn please click here

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