Cyber Discovery Initiative

The latest government initiative in cyber security is aimed at testing teenager’s cyber security skills. Cyber Discovery is a £20 million programme that aims to test young people’s skills in online real-world cyber challenges.

Aimed at 10-13 year olds across England, the aim of the programme is to encourage more people into the cyber security industry in the future. The programme is extra-curricular and run by Cyber Discovery Club Leaders. Club leaders can be parents or teachers that support and mentor the group of students through the Cyber Discovery programme.

For those that have attended our Safe Online Workshop, you’ll have heard us talk about improving digital competence, nurturing digital citizenship and building leaders confidence in technology. The Cyber Discovery initiative covers all of these.

Does your school plan to get involved with Cyber Discovery? Do you think that it will reach its aim of preparing the next generation of cyber security professionals? Let us know on Twitter @empsn!

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