eSafety4Schools – Service Performance Update

As we approach the end of term we wanted to offer some clarification of the recent web filtering issues experienced by some site on network.

During the period from the 12th May to 12th June we experienced a sequence of issues impacting the web filtering services from eSafety4Schools.  eSafety4Schools acknowledge and apologise as this would have caused disruption to some schools as services would have been either slow or in some instances unavailable for short periods of time.

The service disruptions were caused by many unrelated failures with components in the service, causing unexpected behaviour, resulting in service disruption or performance drops.  In response to this eSafety4schools has completed several upgrades to improve the service and speed of the Web Filtering platform.

This has involved

  • Doubling the capacity of our core Internet throughput from 2 GB to 4 GB
  • Adding two additional servers to our rack
  • Doubling the size of our rack space
  • Increasing by 25% the Web Filtering Proxy Server capabilities

The result of this work is that the Web Filtering platform from eSafety4Schools is now processing larger the amount of data packets than previously; enhancing the speed and performance of all schools Internet surfing.  We will continue to optimise the service as we have done over the last 4 years.


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