eSafety4Schools Planned Upgrades – 31st May ’17

During the evening of the 31st May eSafety4Schools will be carrying out platform upgrades on the infrastructure serving the embc/empsn network.  This work will add capacity to the infrastructure allowing improvements to service capabilities for web filtering and vpn access.

Why is the work taking place

eSafety4 have been planning several upgrade projects to ensure sufficient capacity is available within the services. Due to recent periods of the performance being less than expected, the upgrades have been brought forward.  The work is taking place to offer greater speed and performance of web filtering services

How does it affect me

The work has been planned at a time where it will cause minimal disruption as the work will require an amount of downtime.  The work is planned to start at 1800 in the evening of 31st May and will run until midnight, during this window there will be periods of service outage for Webfiltering and VPN remote access.  The service outage window impacts users of the Capita Webshield and also the eSafety/Capital Bytes filtering.  Please ensure you support partners are aware of this work.

What work is being undertaken

During the outage period, some equipment relocation will take place to larger hosting facilities within the data centre.  Once in the new hosting facilities additional equipment will be added to the service and brought online.

What should I do if I see issues

During the change windows there will be service outages, there is no need to report these to the desk as these are expected.

Service testing will take place during the change window to ensure services are operating as expected.

On the 1st June we ask you to please report any issues as normal if service is not as expected.  Thank you.

Where to go for further information

If you have further questions about this planned work then eSafety4 and empsn are available to answer these for you, please contact us on…

eSafety4 Service Desk – support@esafety4.com

embc/empsn – support@empsn.org.uk

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