OPENHIVE Web Hosting Service Upgrade

Calling all Users of the OPENHIVE Web Hosting Service with DNS hosting away from Capita…!!


If you are a school where Capita do not host your DNS services, yet you use OPENHIVE Web Hosting, if you have not already done so please can you ensure that you have completed the DNS change detailed below before Monday 8th May to avoid your website going off-line.

Now your website is on the Azure Platform you will need to be make changes to your DNS record for your website. If you are unsure how to do this please contact your DNS Provider and request that your www record is updated to point to…

If you do not know who manages your DNS you can check here https://mxtoolbox.com/DNSCheck.aspx enter everything after the www. in your web address
e.g. if your web address is www.myschool.myla.sch.uk enter myschool.myla.sch.uk if the results say ns1.oh-isp.com and ns2.ohisp.com you are managed by Capita.

There will also be a change to the address you use to access the Website Management and upload interface; the details of which are given below:

CPANEL will be accessed from the address of: https://cpanel.sims.co.uk:2083 so please ensure you update any bookmarks to reflect this
FTP access will be from :

If your local network administrator restricts the ports that you can access from your network you may need to ask your technical support to allow access to https://cpanel.sims.co.uk:2083.

Usernames and passwords are not affected by these changes.

For school using FTP access you may require your local technician to allow you to access FTP on port 21 and SFTP on port 22 to the IP Address of

The key points

If Capita does not host your DNS then you will need to arrange for your DNS provider to make the change indicated above. This should be done before the 8th May to avoid your website going off-line.

  • There are new details for your Website upload and Management interface.
  • User names and passwords remain the same.
  • You may need to ask your local Admin to unblock FTP access to and access to https://cpanel.sims.co.uk:2083
  • emPSN have made a change to allow access to this resource through the firewall!

Capita Support Desk Contact Details

If you have any questions or issues then please contact the Support Team on:

Telephone: – 0333 321 0350 (please select option 2) or
Email – CCSsimsid@capita.co.uk

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