Lincolnshire DNS Services Check

Critical Change – All Lincolnshire Schools are advised to check their local DNS servers to confirm and remove legacy configuration specifically conditional forwarders, you could lose all Internet access if you don’t perform this. Please ask IT administrators or IT partners to confirm the details below.

Historically Lincolnshire schools would have been configured with conditional forwarders to allow direct access to several resources on the county embc/empsn network. As Kier will shortly be removing this service schools should review local DNS setting and remove conditional forwarders or references to the following:
• zones – lsn.lincs.sch.uk – and – lincolnshire.gov.uk
• dns servers – – and –
DNS name resolution for embc/empsn connected sites should be as recommended on the empsn website – https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledgebase/dns-services/ – using resources and as DNS resolvers.

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