Service Improvement following DDOS Attacks

During June the empsn network saw a number of large volume DDOS attacks which had an impact to users and services on the empsn network. Close working with and between suppliers KCOM and JANET at that time allowed mitigation steps to be taken bringing service back to expected levels.

Since this event we have performed a review of our services in this area and have made positive steps to improve what happens when DDOS events occur. Both KCOM and JANET have enabled new services within their support facilities which perform detection of such attacks, this feeds into closer support arrangement between security teams which allows a shorter path to analysis. Based on event analysis appropriate much faster and more targeted mitigation can be then be made to counter the attack or attacks.

Whilst we cannot prevent DDOS attacks occurring we have made positive steps to improve the detection facilities and introduced improved routes to take mitigation should the steps be necessary.

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