emPSN – Getting Familiar with your Services

If you are new to your role or just wanting to refresh yourself with emPSN services here is a quick overview of where things are and how to get help.


All of our service providers operate to authorised contacts, meaning schools nominate the individuals who work on their services from day to day, or even on a standby basis and the providers will work with them.  Nominated individuals are set up on the service providers systems and are empowered to raised tickets, request changes, ask for information and so on.  If you are not registered, services providers will ask you to register before taking action.

Service Desk

Should you have a fault or want to request a change, our service providers will require you to raise a ticket.  Once the ticket is raised these will be worked on and priorities to give you a resolution to your issue, or complete the change being requested. A few tips for working with the desk are here – https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/kcom-fault-reporting-details/

Review your Services

We encourage our members to regularly review their service configurations, this does not matter if you have been in the role for 5 years, or just started working at the school, it really is good practice to review what you have.  We strongly recommend reviewing your configurations, especially your firewall regularly to ensure you are set up in the best possible way.  Settings for old servers and applications might still be there unless you have asked to remove them, this could be costing your money, or leaving you open from a security perspective.

Service Information

A number of helpful pieces of information and guides are available from our website, please have a visit and take a look around – http://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/

News and Announcements

emPSN produce a regular newsletter that contains valuable news and information about services, content and relevant events.  If you would like to receive this please sign up – https://www.empsn.org.uk/news-service-updates/newsletter/

Still Need Help

If you ever get stuck or don’t quite know where to go next, the emPSN team are here to help you or point you in the right direction – support@empsn.org.uk or 01604 879869

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