ESS- Service Updates November 2021

Please remember – SIMS ID is subject to weekly maintenance and upgrades works, this maintains service performance and introduces new features, details of when this takes place is outlined here https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/capita-maintenance-windows/ 

Visible Developments made over the Quarter Include

SIMS ID for All Users


Staff Users

An improvement has been released so that Staff members who subsequently register for Parent App do not have their Staff setting changed to parent.

Account Registration made more efficient

Following the introduction of an improved method for registering alternate login credentials and
email addresses for password recovery, the requirement to set up account recovery (security
questions) on firs login has been removed for users with a valid, verified email address based login.

SIM ID For Local Site Administrators

User Management – Expanded Revoke/Delete Functionality for non MIS users

Within the SIMS ID User management UI Local Site Admins can access a range of management
options through the ‘Manage Button’ this has been improved to include:

  • A delete user function. where the user is created through the UI or is a registered user and is not a multi-site user
  • A revoke user access function for UI created users from other sites and Invited Users

This is to support user management of invited users, without uninviting users form each product.

User Management Profile Updates

The new layout previously made to “Communication and Email Addresses” with the Users my profile
page have now been applied to the User Profile page within User Management for a consistent
experience. This means Administrators will have transferable skills from managing their own profile
that can be applied to managing other User identities.

Improve Multi-Site Invite Process

The original Multi-site invite process could only be initiated by a member of ESS Support. A new multi-site invite process has been released that allows a site ADMIN users to invite a single or multiple users to their site using either a SIMS ID username or a valid email address that is linked to a SIMS ID user. The process also introduces the ability to invite multisite users as Local Site Administrators, this is to support SSU and MAT central teams.

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