DNS – Services

Within the emPSN network we operate a BIND DNS service for use by sites and connected customers on network. The on network DNS resources cannot be used from outside of the emPSN network.

The recommended configuration for DNS services on the emPSN network, is to operate a local DNS service within your site or organisation, local workstations and devices should be configured to access the local DNS resource in the first instance – this will offer the most efficient performance within your infrastructure.

Customer Site DNS servers should be configured to reference the on network DNS services as primary and secondary resolution servers. We recommend the use of Public DNS resources as tertiary services (eg /  The KCOM emPSN DNS servers carry addresses of,

Access and use of the DNS services can be confirmed by running the following for a command prompt:

nslookup www.empsn.org.uk

nslookup www.empsn.org.uk

The emPSN DNS servers will not respond to PING from customer sites.

For information on other DNS services from emPSN:

Should you require any further assistance on this and any other emPSN services please contact us on support@empsn.org.uk

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