Capita – Service Desk

The Capita (OPENHIVE) Service Desk is open 0800-1800 business days only, it is fronted from a single telephone number with a number of options depending on the nature of the query.

Main Service Desk Number – 0333 321 0350


Capita Web Filtering is now operated by the eSaftey4 service desk which can be contacted through

Email – Support@esafety4.com

Phone – 0333 321 0350 Option 3 Or 03333 443739 Direct


All other Capita services are operated by the Capita SIMS service desk which can be contacted through the following routes.

Email – ccssimsid@capita.co.uk

Phone – 0333 321 0350 Option 1 for broadband and Option 2 for SimsID DNS and Webhosting

Portal – https://myaccount.capita-cs.co.uk 

SIMS ID Help – https://id.sims.co.uk/support/wiki/21/support-contact


Escalation of Problems

For escalations please ensure the matter has been raised as a ticket, we are unable to escalate something which has not yet been logged.  If you would like to escalate please contact the Service Desk and ask to speak to (in order) the Service Desk Team Leader or the Service Desk Manager.

If this does not result in a suitable resolution, please contact Mike Smith – Project and Service Manager – 07584 340481 mike.smith9@capita.co.uk – Please CC Office@empsn.org.uk thanks.


Further details of the contact and escalations arrangements are offered in the current version of the guide available here

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