Capita for Education – Complaints and Escalations

For all escalations please ensure the matter has been logged as a ticket, we are unable to escalate something which has not yet been logged.

If you would like to escalate, in the first instance, please contact the Service Desk and ask to speak to (in order) the Service Desk Team Leader Adam Keeney or the Service Desk Manager.  Adam will be able to progress your matter for you.

If this does not result in a suitable resolution within a reasonable amount of time, please ask to speak to contact Darren Pepper.

Where you have a complaint about your service there are a number of approaches you can take to communicate this with the ESS team:

  • Raise a call via the service desk (generating a ‘complaint’ ticket in CRM). This will provide you with a reference number which can be tracked like any other support call.
  • Raise a complaint notice via following form https://www.ess-sims.co.uk/contact-us
  • Write to SIMS ID, ESS Ltd, Eastwood House, Glebe Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1QW

You may, of course, discuss a complaint with a customer relationship manager or another member of the ESS team but you will be directed to formally log the complaint as above to ensure it is processed fairly. Should you need to invoke management escalation of a complaint then your Client Director should be used or you can also use the following https://www.ess-sims.co.uk/contact-us or by emailing ESSFeedback@capita.com, please CC support@empsn.org.uk

Once received we aim to respond to all complaints within three working days, this response in some cases will be a holding response subject to further investigation

Further details of the contact and escalations arrangements are offered in the current version of the guide available here

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