Case Study: Project Implementation of Enhanced Broadband Services

emPSN, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and the Department for Education (DfE), embarked on a mission to upgrade broadband connectivity in remote schools, with Temple Normanton School being a prime beneficiary. This project was part of a broader initiative from 2019 to 2022, aimed at equipping schools with full-fibre broadband to enhance digital learning.

  • Client
    Temple Normanton School

The Challenge

Initial Project Phase (2019-2022):

During the first phase of the project, emPSN’s role was to manage the transition of schools to fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections. Temple Normanton School was one of the initial schools to receive this upgrade, moving from their existing low bandwidth connections to a basic FTTP speed of 160:30.

This upgrade represented a significant leap in internet performance and reliability.


Assessment and Planning:

emPSN began with a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure at Temple Normanton School. This involved understanding the school’s current and future digital needs and planning the upgrade in a way that would cause minimal disruption to school activities.

Coordination and Management:

The project required close coordination with multiple stakeholders, including local authorities, internet service providers, and school administration. emPSN’s project management team ensured seamless communication and collaboration among all parties involved.

Technical Implementation:

The technical aspect of the project involved laying down new fibre optic cables, installing necessary hardware, and configuring the network to handle the increased speed. emPSN’s technical team worked diligently to ensure the installation was completed efficiently and effectively.


Subsequent Upgrade (2023):

In 2023, recognising the advancements in technology and increasing digital demands, emPSN decided to further upgrade the broadband speed to 550:75. This decision was made to ensure that all their school’s digital infrastructure, including Temple Normanton, kept up with the pace of change.

Project Execution for the Upgrade:

  • Evaluation of Digital Needs:
    Re-evaluating the school’s requirements, emPSN identified the need for higher bandwidth to support an increasing number of digital devices and online resources used in modern education.
  • Seamless Upgrade Process:
    The upgrade process was meticulously planned to ensure no disruption to the school’s daily activities. The technical team carried out the upgrade swiftly, often during off-peak hours, to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Post-Implementation Review and Feedback:
    After the upgrade, emPSN conducted a comprehensive review to ensure the new system met the school’s expectations. Feedback from Temple Normanton School was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the enhanced performance and value for money.


Outcome and Impact:

The successful implementation of this project at Temple Normanton School led to a significant improvement in internet speed and reliability, greatly enhancing the educational experience. The school’s commendation of emPSN’s efficiency in handling the project and the subsequent decision to renew the contract for three more years stand as testaments to the project’s success.


This case study illustrates emPSN’s adeptness in managing and implementing critical broadband infrastructure projects in the educational sector. The project at Temple Normanton School not only met the immediate digital needs but also positioned the school to adapt to future technological advancements, ensuring long-term benefits for students and staff.

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