Case Study: emPSN’s Exceptional Service Delivery

South Lincolnshire Academies Trust, comprising of 4 secondary schools, faced the challenge of streamlining its connectivity infrastructure and reducing costs while maintaining high service standards.

The Trust transitioned from various service providers to emPSN, seeking improved connectivity and cost-effectiveness.

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    South Lincolnshire Academies Trust

Proactive Communication

Prompt Responses to Queries:

emPSN has established a strong communication channel with the Trust, ensuring that any queries related to services or upgrades are addressed promptly and effectively. This responsiveness has played a crucial role in maintaining a smooth operational flow for the Trust.

Dedicated Contacts:

Providing direct contact points at emPSN for the Trust has created a platform for the swift follow-up and resolution of matters arising. This personalised approach to customer service ensures that the Trust always has a reliable point of contact for immediate assistance.

Cost Savings & Efficiency

Financial Efficiency:

By transitioning to, and now remaining with emPSN, the Trust achieved significant savings on connectivity costs. This financial efficiency was a direct result of emPSN’s competitive pricing and tailored service packages designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions.

Inter-Site Connectivity:

emPSN has successfully implemented a solution that allowed connectivity between different school sites within the Trust without relying on public internet traversal. This approach not only enhanced the security of data exchange but also improved the overall efficiency of inter-site communications.


Collaborative Approach to Service Management:

emPSN works closely with service partners to ensure effective communication with end users, particularly following service issues or outages. This collaboration was key in maintaining transparency and trust with the stakeholders of the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust.

Handling Service Outages:

In instances of service outages, emPSN’s proactive communication strategy involved timely updates and clear information dissemination to the Trust, minimizing any potential disruption and ensuring a quick return to normal operations.


Overall Satisfaction and Service Rating:

In a survey carried out in November 2023, the Trust rated emPSN’s service as 9/10, reflecting high satisfaction levels with the quality of customer service, reliability of the connectivity solutions provided, and the supportive partnership established.


The 9/10 rating underscores emPSN’s approach to servicing the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust and highlights its dedication to customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and reliable service delivery. The success of this partnership demonstrates emPSN’s capability to provide tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of educational institutions, therefore fostering a secure and efficient learning environment.

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