ESS (Education Software Solutions) – DNS Services terminating – Options available

Application Services contracted with Education Software Solutions (ESS) are due to end.

If you have not already taken action to move your ESS DNS Service, then please review the statement from ESS below.

“To prevent an imminent loss of service you must migrate your ESS service to another supplier.
Failing to move your DNS will result in no emails arriving to your school, your school website will not be accessible and other services may also fail where they rely on your DNS entry.

If you are already working with another DNS provider to move this service, this migration must be complete before 31 November 2022, at which point the ESS DNS service will be decommissioned.

If you have not yet made arrangements for your DNS service to be migrated, please be advised it will take
your new supplier several days to undertake this work. You are advised to engage another supplier
immediately or you risk an interruption to service.

If you require advice on replacement DNS services, please contact the emPSN team who will be happy to provide you with a quote support@empsn.org.uk.

ESS are keen to ensure a smooth transition and minimise service disruption but failure to act will result in services being interrupted”.

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