emPSN and Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) – A working partnership

emPSN and LCC have been working together for over 20 years, supporting schools across Lincolnshire in accessing fast, safe and secure, and reliable Internet connectivity and IT services. Lincolnshire County Council is an owner of emPSN. emPSN, a not-for-profit Company, here for the public good, supporting Lincolnshire and other schools in the East Midlands now and into the future. 

Lincolnshire schools core broadband service charges have been funded from the Lincolnshire Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) since 2012. From 2022 this will change, as LCC can no longer access this Central Services Block funding schools will no longer benefit from this funding.  

emPSN will continue to provide the same connectivity and IT services as always. Removal of this grant does not have to mean a change to your services as emPSN is here to ensure there is a smooth transition with no impact to your service.  In preparation for the changes to funding from November 2022, we will be communicating with Lincolnshire schools direct with continuity options working with Lincolnshire County Council to ensure a smooth change.  

Meet the team  

The emPSN team are here to support Lincolnshire’s schools ensuring that they have the right connectivity and access to services to meet their needs. The team has wide and varied experience developing and providing services to Lincolnshire, supporting schools and enabling them to access the right connectivity options. We provide access to Technical Support, Customer Service and Communications to ensure that you and your named IT Support Provider have the latest in a service, security and safety information to protect your school and your school community.  

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