VPN – Remote Access

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection can help provide a more secure connection and access to your school’s network and the internet.

Our VPN service will provide schools with the use of a pre-existing centrally managed VPN service.  This allows users to securely connect into the school’s network from home or another location and access the Local Area Network (LAN) as though you are working within the school.

The service uses the Operating systems VPN software (Win, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android) to connect, so when you update your device, this upgrades the software for you.  Maintenance of the central service is carried out for you as part of the Service offering. 

LAN access can be controlled to suit your needs, users can be setup with network-wide access, or for a more secure setup to subsets or single devices on the network.  Users access the service with individual usernames and passwords, on top of the VPN security keys.  The speed of the service is only constrained by the performance of your connectivity at home – broadband or mobile connection speeds.

Setup is straight forward, we ask for the details of the users and the network access they should be given, we then provision this for you centrally, and supply you with setup instructions along with credentials to the service.  Local setup needs to be actioned on each device locally.

Service is provisioned based on the number of users per site, typically minimum 10 users for a 1-year contract, or 3 users for a 3-year contract.  

Minimum of 10 users based on an annual contract:  £15 per user per annum.

Up to 3 Users based on a 3-year contract – £50 (total) annually.

There is a one off set up charge for both contracts of £250.

To discuss further and any questions that you may have, please give a member of the team a call on 01604 879869.

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