Schools and Academies Show Online 2020

Last month emPSN attended the Schools and Academies show online. The pandemic continues to have a far-reaching impact on the EdTech community but as an organisation we want to listen, respond and engage with school needs. We exhibited the event hoping to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing the wider education community, especially with the impacts of Coronavirus on teaching and learning, but also on the long-term Ed Tech strategies for schools.

Over the course of 4 days, we listened in to many engaging sessions by industry leaders and speakers from the Department of Education. We contributed and listened in on over a dozen roundtables and workshops, speaking with experts across the industry as well as hearing from MATs and schools and the specific challenges they were facing.

As an organisation, we feel it’s really important to stay in touch with schools and whilst we would normally be hosting coffee mornings and online safety workshops for our schools to network and collaborate with. We feel that joining in the discussions and online events are just as important for staying in touch, we’ll continue to try and support our schools as best we can.

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