Adapting to Covid-19: Managing your school filtering policies for long term blended learning

Together with Netsweeper we are pleased to announce that we will be holding our next webinar on Wednesday 24th November at 4pm.

With the second lockdown in force, there is still lots of uncertainty for the next few months ahead at least.  Netsweeper will be joining emPSN in demonstrating how they have supported the UK school sector with their device filtering product. Covid-19 has and is continuing to change teaching trends.  With the continued reality of home schooling, IT staff across the country are looking at how to adapt their IT infrastructure permanently to accommodate blended learning long term.

We have the pleasure of speaking with Craig Butler from Netsweeper to understand how device filtering can help schools adopt the same filtering polices they would endure in the school environment but on their mobile devices, so that students and staff can continue to be safe guarded wherever their learning takes place.

**This webinar has taken place, the video will be available shortly**

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