Capita Services – emPSN statement

The emPSN Framework Agreement provides services for over 300 schools in the East Midlands region, including 234 in Derbyshire, Capita provides a “cloud based”, SAAS delivered suite of education services and applications through third party service providers and from their own datacentres. The schools purchase the services from Capita, with the services delivered through their emPSN Regional Network connection.  The schools purchase a range of services that varies between schools depending on their local requirements.  The services include:

  • Office 365
  • Email filtering
  • DNS
  • Web Hosting and Design
  • Webshield – web filtering

If Capita were to cease trading, emPSN would be able to assist schools in rapidly moving to alternate service providers already available through the emPSN catalogue.

At this time, emPSN has had no indication of any concerns about the future provision of the present services provided.

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