New Anti-Bullying App Launches

An app that allows children to report on cyber bullying using screen shots of social media sites will be rolled out to hundreds of schools thanks to a recent Government fund.

The app “Tootoot” is a safeguarding platform providing 24-hour support to young people who are victims of cyber bullying or online abuse. The app offers a suite of tools for all levels of education including, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

The appeal for bullies to abuse people online, is due to the anonymity it gives them, however “Tootoot” allows children to report bullying anonymously themselves by taking screenshots of abusive messages and sending them via the reporting platform within the app. Reports can then be read by staff at the child’s school, but no one else.

The scheme is being run by Internet Matters, backed by the Department of Education and £4.4million of Government investment to tackle this ever-growing issue head on. 300 schools and over 120,000 pupils will be able to use the app to report various incidents including cyber bullying and bullying or homophobic, transphobic and biphobic abuse. 4,500 teachers will be trained to use the app, and approx. 60,000 parents will be educated about how to protect their children from the horrors of cyber bullying.

To find out more about the app, please visit the Tootoot website.

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