Pupil Internet Use Survey

Schools across the UK are being invited to take part in a national survey of internet use by pupils when at home. Catshill Learning Partnerships are carrying out the survey. The results will provide valuable information to schools on the range of hardware such as laptops, tablets, consoles and smart phones being used by young people. The survey is supported by education technology association Naace.

About the Survey

Once signed up, schools will be sent a survey form that will be completed in each class during the Autumn 2016 term. Each class will be shown a number of devices and pupils will be asked to show by raising their hand which they use at home. No personal information will be collected; only the number of devices used .

Once each class has carried out the survey, schools return the numbers for each year group to Catshill Learning Partnerships. The numbers will be collated for each school with the national results published in time for Safer Internet Day on February 7th 2017.

To find out more and to sign your school up, please visit Catshill Learning Partnership.

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