May DFE Report Highlights Good News for emPSN

The most recent report from the DfE (Department for Education) from May 2016 on the usage of the Janet network, states that the emPSN network is the second largest schools / public sector consumer of Janet bandwidth which includes all RBC’s, authorities, schools and non-university connections.

Janet is a high-speed network for the UK research and education community, principally funded via direct grants from DfE and BIS, part of the critical UK IT infrastructure. Janet provides an extremely reliable and high bandwidth network that supports your organisation and offering access to some other Jisc services at no additional charge. https://www.jisc.ac.uk/janet.

Specifically, the emPSN utilisation illustrates how significant the emPSN network is to schools and local authorities across  rural East Midlands delivering fast, secure and safe access for school pupils and public sector networks across the region and connectivity and services at least comparable with the cities and larger metropolitan areas.

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