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The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog
Author: Jeremy Strong
Key Stage: 2
Age: 7
Subject: English


Winner of the Children’s Book Award. Streaker is no ordinary dog. She is a rocket on four legs with a woof attached. Trevor has got until the end of the holidays to train her or he will lose his bet with horrible Charlie Smugg and something very nasty to do with frogspawn will happen.


100 Things You Should Know About Oceans
Author: C. Oliver
Key Stage: 2
Age: 8+
Subject: Geography


This audiobook will take you on an underwater journey. Young minds will be amazed by fascinating facts about gigantic whales, beautiful coral landscapes and incredible ships and boats. With exactly 100 numbered facts, this audiobook will be great for project work and all those with inquisitive minds.


Horrible Science: Wasted World
Author: Nick Arnold
Key Stage: 2
Age: 11+
Subject: Science


The first Horrible Science book to tackle the issues of global warming, and climate change: What are the sickening secrets of gruesome greenhouse gases? Which is the deadliest toxic waste? Will the Earth make it to the year 2100?


Big Numbers: A Mind Expanding Trip to Infinity and Back
Author: John and Mary Gribbin
Key Stage: 4
Age: 14+
Subject: Maths


This audiobook paints a fascinating picture of the comparative scale of phenomena in our world, from the vast to the infinitesimal. The listener is taken on a roller-coaster ride through maths, physics, chemistry, biology and technology: from zero to infinity in maths and time; from subatomic particles to galaxies; from the speed and size of the ‘Big Bang’ to the size and age of the universe; from the speed of light to the power of gravity; from the size of a white dwarf to that of a black hole; from a strand of DNA to the evolution of life on Earth; from the Hubble telescope to nanotechnology. ‘Big Numbers’ will fire the imagination of the young and old alike.


Human Voices
Author: Penelope Fitzgerald
Key Stage: A-Level
Age: 16
Subject: English


The human voices of the story are those of the BBC in the first years of the Second World War when the Concert Hall was turned into a dormitory for both sexes. The whole building became a target for enemy bombers, and in the BBC as elsewhere, some had to fail and some had to die.

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