JaNET has been upgraded

Earlier this month we took further steps towards the target network model and added the secondary connection into Janet/Jisc.  We now have resilient connectivity into Janet/Jisc with 10Gb of bandwidth, offering improved performance, resilience and a simplified topology for connectivity to the Internet.  Best of all there is no need for you to do anything to use this improvement as it is available for everyone’s use.  Since setting this up we have seen growth in consumption already which means schools are already taking advantage.

Over 300 providers peer directly with Janet/Jisc allowing direct access to their content and services without touching the public Internet.  Service providers include BBC, Google, Microsoft will now be accessed directly through this route improving the performance and the security of services and content.

Previous 1Gb connections have been removed from service therefore allowing us to keep costs down and continue to offer more with the monies in use.

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