Leicester City Renewals Event – Follow Up

Our event which took place on Friday 18th March 2016 at West Gate school in Leicester City was well attended by many schools and we are pleased that so many of you could make it.

Some of the key points that were raised have been highlighted below for those schools that were not able to attend:

Academies – as more and more schools become part of academies and cluster chains, we would like to mention we can still support you, individually or in a MAT. More information available here.

SLA’s – to find out more about the SLA’s for each connection type, please click here.

Placing Your Order – the LA will contract on behalf of Leicester City schools based on your quotes and order forms. For information about the LCC  Broadband Buy Back package, please contact Rebecca Cowan rebecca.cowan@leicester.gov.uk

If any schools would like to consider contracting through emPSN you can place you order directly with us or find out more about the benefits of our  embc direct service by clicking here.

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