Managing and Maintaining e-Security

It is everyone’s responsibility within an organisation to ensure we are safe and secure.  We can set out the most elaborate IT infrastructure with layer after layer of security, but we need to focus on the people as much as we focus on the network, the computers and servers.

On the embc network we offer fully managed firewalls at the edge of the network, which protect us all around the clock from internet scans, attacks and attempts to get in.  But where you have requested access from the internet, it might be people you don’t want who are also looking at your computers on your network.

Through our work with the NEN there is some schools focused guidance on managing and maintaining e-Security which draws from an amount of industry best practise from a number of sources, well worth a read – NEN Managing and Maintaining e-Security / Cyber Security in Schools

As part of your periodic audits and checks we recommend reviewing your firewall configuration to ensure you aren’t leaving the door open to legacy services.  Please log a Request for Information RFI with the Nasstar Change – https://nasstar.service-now.com/serviceportal and information will be supplied to allow your review.  Once you have reviewed, raise a change request to have your rules modified or cleared down as you need.

Sources of further advice

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