Nasstar – Service Desk

Nasstar  operate a 24×7 service desk for the purpose of logging and managing service-related incidents.  Changes are managed by Nasstar Change Control.

All organisations connected to embc/emPSN have a designated fault-reporting route which should when followed, result in any problems being resolved with the minimum of delay.

If you plan to carry out any work on your network that may make your site temporarily inaccessible, please notify your nominated fault-reporting centre in advance, preferably by e-mail.

embc/emPSN customers are able to raise incidents upon Nasstar for issues being experienced with service. Incidents shall be accepted either by
– emPSN Customer Portal – nasstar.service-now.com/serviceportal
– By telephone to the contact number – 0845 122 6873
– By email – support@nasstar.com
– Or as an event/alarm from Nasstar’s Management Systems and determined by Nasstar to be an Incident

Nasstar will log all Incidents raised by telephone or the online portal within 15 minutes of receipt and allocate a unique reference number.

Nasstar will log all Incidents raised by email as soon as reasonably practicable and will allocate a unique reference number. Nasstar, therefore, recommends that incidents are reported by the emPSN Customer Portal or by telephone whenever possible.

The Customer shall be asked to provide the following key information when raising an incident:
– The customer site emPSN identification number
– Organisation name and postcode of the affected site
– Caller’s name, telephone number and email address
– Caller’s own Incident reference number if available
– Further information will be requested to help diagnose the cause of the incident

The Nasstar Service Desk will ask a number of initial triage questions to determine the nature of the incident. These will include checks to ensure that Incidents relating to the environment e.g. power are resolved by Customers and such Incidents are not raised as Incidents with Nasstar.
In all instances raise an incident where you are seeing issues with your services, or they are not operating as you would expect them to.

Escalation of Problems

Nasstar provides an escalation mechanism for customers who are unable to contact their fault-reporting centre or are dissatisfied with the general performance of the fault reporting service. In either instance, customers should provide full details of their problem to the Nasstar Service Desk on 0845 122 6873. The request will be logged and steps will be taken to address the problem. Nasstar will also investigate the reasons for the unsatisfactory service and provide a report of the action taken. Further details are available in the Service Operations Manual.

Service Operations Manual

Further information about Customer and Nasstar responsibilities including SLA targets is contained within the Service Operations Manual (SOM) which is available from the emPSN Customer Portal Document Store – https://portal.kcom.com/documents

Customer Portal Access

We recommend all sites obtain access to the emPSN customer Portal which offers several self-help resources. To request access please either

  • Download the form here and submit this to the Nasstar service Desk
  • Or if you already have portal access and would like to add/change colleagues access, please email a request to the Nasstar service desk. Please give a Name and Email Address within your request.  Thank you!

Service desk contact details networksupport@nasstar.com or 0845 122 6873

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