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Sites Dedicated IP Addresses

During the summer of 2019 we migrated away from Regional Level NAT addressing and moved onto Site based NAT Addressing.  This moved sites away from sharing NAT addresses with other schools within their region and assigned and configured a NAT address per site on the network.

This change was made for a number of reasons to improve the integrity of operations and to help with security within schools.  Schools can no longer directly interfere with the IP reputation of another school as each schools address is its own.  This simplifies support arrangements and improves identification of sites which may have issues such as Malware operating on their network.

Where you use Line of Business applications which are registered to your site, the dedicated IP address can be used to authenticate your use, and verify your access.  If you have registered an application on one of the regional pool addresses you will need to re-register with your application vendor.

Your Public IP address can be checked through access to www.myipaddress.com – please turn off any proxy before accessing to see your sites address.

If you are still unsure please get intouch and we will help further support@empsn.org.uk



Planned dates for the NAT changes – https://www.empsn.org.uk/knowledge-base/site-dedicated-ip-addresses-setup-dates/ 

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