Network – Checking your Connection

To run Network Checks connected directly into the router you will need to assign a fixed IP address on your workstation.  The IP address needs to be within the range assigned to your school.  Once configured you should be able to connect and test your services.

Lets assume your IP range is:

Range /24

Subnet Mask


DNS, (standard emPSN dns)


  • Configure your workstation with a fixed IP address, it does not matter if this is in use on your network this is only for testing purposes. Lets use
  • Enter the correct subnet mask, gateway and DNS and save the settings
  • Connect your workstation directly into the router, on the same port/interface your network would normally connect.
  • From a terminal or command prompt Ping the Gateway address, you should get a reply.
  • Again from a terminal PING

Open a web browser and web onto this should give you a speedtest page, run the test

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