Nasstar – Change Control

Nasstar Change Control operate 0800-1730 during business working days for the purpose of logging and managing change requests.  Incidents are managed by Nasstar Service Desk.

Change Control contacts
Customer Portal: https://nasstar.service-now.com/serviceportal

E-mail: change_control@nasstar.com
Phone: 01482 768785 (updated Oct 20)

embc/emPSN customers are able to make requests to Nasstar to change the network services they use via the Nasstar Change Control team. Requests for Change shall be accepted primarily via the emPSN customer portal – https://nasstar.service-now.com/serviceportal

Each Request for Change shall be allocated a unique Change Request number, and implementation will conform to the emPSN Change Request process. Customers shall be able to track the status of a validated Request for Change via the emPSN Customer Portal. Certain changes may require the completion of a proforma to capture the information required, all proformas are available in the emPSN Customer Portal Document library – https://portal.kcom.com/documents.
Once a change is completed you will be asked to test and close off the request. If a response is not received the request will be closed after 72hours.
In all instances raise a request for the work you would like to take place, and a new request can be created. Once a request has been closed it cannot be reopened if further work is required an additional change will be created.
Nasstar will only action changes received from approved contacts, so please register at your earliest. Thank you.

Network Changes

Sites are able to request changes for additional or a larger assignment of IP addresses for use on the local school network. We are unable to route addresses which have not been assigned and configured on the network – emPSN IP Address Range Request Form
Where the Change Request is for an Access Control List (ACL) modification (for allowing access between on network sites,) the request must be accompanied with authorisation from the Head Teacher of the associated school/academy – emPSN Edge Site ACL Change Request Form
As site networks increase in size and capacity we would encourage the movement to a layer 3 network configurations and Nasstar can update the managed router configuration to fit in with your local design.
Other changes can be actioned for you please create a request in all instances outlining your requirements.

Firewall Changes

Sites are able to request changes to permit the flow of traffic inbound or outbound to/from the Internet, this is facilitated through the Firewall change process. We ask that you capture the requirement on the firewall change form, and raise a change. Nasstar will triage the change and where applicable assign any public addressing which may be required to facilitate the change. Public IP addresses are not assigned without the requirement being submitted – emPSN Firewall Change Request Form
As a part of regular security reviews, we recommend that sites review the configuration of the firewall. To obtain your firewall configuration please create a Request For Information (RFI) with Nasstar change and the configuration will be supplied.
Other changes can be actioned for you please create a request in all instances outlining your requirements.

Service Operations Manual

Further information about Customer and Nasstar responsibilities including SLAs is contained within the Service Operations Manual (SOM) which is available from the emPSN Customer Portal Document Store – https://portal.kcom.com/documents

Customer Portal Access

We recommend all sites obtain access to the emPSN customer Portal which offers several self-help resources. To request access please either

  • Download the form here and submit this to the Nasstar service Desk
  • Or if you already have portal access and would like to add/change colleagues access, please email a request to the Nasstar service desk. Please give a Name and Email Address within your request.  Thank you!

Service desk contact details networksupport@nasstar.com or 0845 122 6873

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