IP Addressing – Local

Sites on the emPSN network are assigned a unique IP address range specifically for their use.  This is the address range the network is configured to offer you services from and on the basis you are using the assigned IP address range we will route your traffic.  We recommend using this address range for all your services to make full use and benefit of the services available on the emPSN network.

When initially setting up your emPSN connection you will be asked about the network size you are looking to deploy and an appropriately sized IP address range will be assigned to you.

If you are expanding and need more addresses please let us know the address size you require for expansion.

Process for Acquiring Additional IP Addresses

If you are running short of addresses within your site or you are planning to increase the number of devices on your network, we can offer you a larger assignment of IP addresses to use as a replacement for your existing range or we can add this to the services for your site and you can have multiple ranges.  This process is included as part of the managed service and does not carry a charge to sites.

Larger or additional IP ranges can be obtained by raising a change with the Nasstar Change Control team, you will be asked to complete a simple form and the work will be actioned for you – Details available here

What if I already have my own IP range?

If you already have your own IP address range running locally which was not assigned by empsn we cannot guarantee this will operate on the network as the addresses may already be in use by another site.  In order to overcome this limitation, you would need to either move to the assigned IP address range or NAT your sites traffic.

What if I would like to use a local NAT

If you want to use Network Address Translation (NAT) locally this is fine but we will only route traffic coming from the assigned IP address range for your site.  The outside interface of your NAT device will need to use an address from the assigned IP ranges.

Sites using NAT may find limitations for using emPSN services as all traffic will be seen to come from a single address.  If you would like to differentiate services for your separate IP ranges, or separate IPs NAT on network managed services would need to see traffic coming from the different IPs for say each workstation, or server device.

If you have any further questions about IP addresses for your site please get in touch support@empsn.org.uk

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