IP Addressing – Internet

Sites on the emPSN network are assigned a unique IP address range specifically for their use.  This is the address range the network is configured to offer you services from and on the basis you are using the assigned IP address range we will route your traffic.  We recommend using this address range for all your services to make full use and benefit of the services available on the empsn network.

When your sites traffic crosses the boarder of the emPSN network onto our connections into JANET and the Internet, we translate that traffic from private 10.x.y.z addresses into public internet addresses.  This is done through a process called Network Address Translation or NAT.

Depending on how you are accessing the internet, be it via an on network webfiltering provider, directly through the firewall, or through your own web filtering solution, that traffic will be marked with the Public IP address of the service you are using.

Public IP Addresses associated with the Webfiltering solutions will be a range of addresses and your session will move between the providers servers.

Public IP Address associated with your own private services will use an address or addresses assigned specifically for you to use.

If your services require dedicated Public IP addressing we will only assign the address through the firewall change process – for details look here

If you have any further questions about Public IP addresses please get in touch support@empsn.org.uk

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