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Netsweeper – Managing Policies

Netsweeper – Managing Policies

To manage the your policies and the day-to-day (un)block requests you will need to use the webadmin portal.

Using a current browser go to – http://ukcloud.netsweeper.com:8080/webadmin/start/

Login using the username and password supplied with your service setup information.  If you have not done so, we strongly recommend you change your password after you first login.

Using Policy Lists to manage exclusions (un)block

There a numerous methods of editing exclusion lists. We suggest you try:

Click – Policy Management

Click – Policy Manager

Click the policy name link in the first column;

Click the URL/Keyword Local List tab

For new entries click the blue button called New Entry 

To edit an existing entry click the edit link 

To delete an entry, click on white-space in the row, it will highlight pale-yellow, and then click the red Delete button


To allow a whole web site, create a new entry:

New Entry :        example.com
Entry Type :       URL
Request Part :    Request URL
Action :               Allow


Further Information

There are indepth documentation on this topic online including tutorials using the links below..


Special emphasis on – https://helpdesk.netsweeper.com/docs/5.1/List_Management_Docs/URL_List_Parsing/URL_List_Parsing.htm

Tutorials – https://helpdesk.netsweeper.com/docs/5.1/Quick_Overview/URL_List_Management/Contents_URL_List_Management_Quick_Overviews.htm

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