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Capita Webhosting Basic

Product Description:

A shared website hosting service (including DNS hosting), supporting prevailing website hosting features and as a minimum provides a 1Gb disk space allocation with the ability to host multiple domains and secure web access. This service is entirely based on CPanel software running on a Linux operating system and allows for schools to have their own website that can be easily established and maintained. The service supports languages and technologies like PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, HTML, MySQL, PostGreSQL and limited support for ASP.
This service offers the following additional benefits:

•    The setup of content management systems such as Joomla, are simple to install through a single select and install process
•    Each website is accessible via a direct URL, rather than an IP address. The service also makes it possible for websites to be accessible via HTTP, HTTPS/SSL (if a valid Secure Server Certificate is installed), from the Internet
•    For website initiation and maintenance, data upload is available via FTP or via an administrator control panel which allows for file upload/download.

•    Industry standard FTP Client for site uploads
•    DNS hosting from a provider who will need to create an A record for the SCo Member or Customer’s website
•    An internet enabled device to view the website once created and uploaded
•    Browsers compatibility and any known limitations refer to browser requirements
•    Users must be Education Users only (including parents and governors)
•    Service provision is subject to due diligence and acceptance by SP of the suitability of the site/ user and there data and systems to use the service.

Please note: to maintain security of their websites, schools are responsible for and encouraged to keep any CMS or associated plugin code up-to-date.  CMS suppliers such as Joomla and or WordPress provide regular security updates which should be applied as soon as possible after release.