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Virgin Media through LGfL
  • Has over 15 years' experience working within the public sector
  • One of the most successful suppliers in securing PSN compliant services in the UK
  • Are part of the emPSN framework

About Virgin Media through LGfL

emPSN offer Virgin on-network cable modem or fibre connections. These are procured through the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) contract with Virgin Media. These connections provide your school with a Virgin Media connection to the emPSN network and through emPSN to both Janet and the Internet. emPSN provide access that is safe and secure to your school that will be pro-actively managed to ensure the best service is delivered. All the in-school equipment, software and systems that provides the connectivity, and security will be maintained by LGfL or one of its contactors. All central services and onward connectivity is maintained by emPSN and KCOM.

ISP Services

Schools connected through LGfL Virgin connections have full access to the whole range of emPSN service providers and can (subject to the limitations of the Cable Modem Service Single VPN) choose the services they wish to take.  Support for these services will be direct from that service providers support desk. Full details for service providers can be found on the emPSN website.


LGfL will provide the first line support for the Virgin Media connection through the LGfL New Malden support desk. The LGfL New Malden support desk is available from 08:00 –17:00 weekdays, excluding bank holidays.

Support Desk Contacts

Telephone: 020 8274 3450
Email: helpdesk@lgfl.net

The escalation contacts are Technical Support Consultant on 020 8274 3429 and Technical Support Manager on 020 8274 3416.


To get in touch to find out more please contact Steph O’Malley on somalley@empsn.org.uk.